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Wholesale De-icing Brine

Safe for roads

We're now making our own de-icing brine. If you need liquid de-icer in Missoula, we're happy to help.

Our Sodium Choride Brine is perfect for roads, and parking lots. 

Contact us today to ask about our liquid de-icer product. 

Granular Ice Melt - 50 lb bags

$23.00 per bag.

Why pay retail prices when you can buy in bulk and save. Our granular calcium chloride pellets come in 50 pound bags.

We can sell you a single bag or an entire pallet full. 

This product is sometimes referred to as  Snow Melt, Ice Melt, "Sno-plow", "Deep Thaw" or just sidewalk salt.

No matter what you call it, we've got it in stock. Call today to learn more.

Wholesale De-Icing Products: Our Services
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